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A place for unique moments and unparalleled synergies. Opening Q4 2024.
See you in Luxembourg.

Synergy Creating Activity

The GRID is the foundation to create synergy between various and unique businesses, craftsmen, workshops, services, and communities. By bringing these elements together, everyone benefits from the complimentary synergies created. Encouraging and facilitating collaborations “X” between different entities to create something truly different.

A Place for Communities to Meet and Interact

With over 140 retail units accommodating commerces, artisans, workshops, and pop-up enterprises; and a large food and beverage offer, complimented with hotel, wellness, museum, galleries, offices, and community clubs; the opportunity to collaborate, experiment and engage your audience within the advanced state-of-art venue is at another level completely.

United by Passion

Sharing unifying values for uniqueness and a passion for quality products and services, suppliers and customers form a community in which dexterity of craftsmanship, manufacturing and innovative ideas are explored and valued. GRIDX is the optimal platform for tenants to showcase their professionalism, innovation, and quality under the banner “United by Passion”.

A Special Concept in a Unique Location

Designed as a mixed-use development with distinctive architecture that forms the basis of the centre's uniqueness and strong identity. Inclusiveness, collaboration, retailtainment and experience are at the heart of the concept.
Ideally located in the centre of Europe and within 3 hours driving of major metropolises such as Paris, Brussels and Cologne. The destination for professionals and individuals alike, to showcase, learn, experience, collaborate, network, meet and relax.


Working with both tenants and visitors to maximise the overall digital experience using the latest in technology and leveraging opportunities for all. In this ever-changing digital world, GRIDX is designed to seamlessly adapt, change, and grow to quickly respond and experiment with the latest digital trends, providing an optimal platform for traditional brands to bridge from the physical world to the digital.


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The Place Where Automotive Love Meets Passion.

Discover on site the history of classic cars with collaborations with Motorworld and MAUTO pushing GRIDX to new heights in terms of mobility. Not only a museum but a living museum created by its members and their passion.

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A Shared Passion - Past and Future

Housing numerous top qualities, distinctive products, and mobility-related services, from classic cars, young-timers, high-tech bicycles, motorbikes and new generation e-mobility, complementary products, and services to meet the needs and passions in today's evolving mobility landscape.

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For Collectors

As a special feature for collectors, GRIDX provides storage spaces in the form of glass boxes, private boxes, and garages with additional services to make sure your special vehicle is ready to go when you are.

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Car Club

With a strong spirit of community in mind, our “Car Club”, which will be at the origin of regular events brings the local and wider community together, events such as rallies, cars & coffees, and auctions. Building a community around mobility passion for all.


Experience Your Passion.

With ± 1000m2 dedicated e-sports and gaming facilities, the centre will become the national venue for e-sport events and competitions, such as FIFA, League of Legends or Clash Royal. Getting involved will be easy with our consumer and professional simulators, and advanced gaming tech enabling you to battle it out in the leagues or one-2-one at a national or international level.

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Digital Exhibitions

Tomorrow's Art Gallery

The evolving art scene is no-longer a passive experience. GRIDX has dedicated over 1000m2 of space to create a “modern and innovative” art gallery with the ability to display tomorrow’s art installations. From fully immersive light and sound shows and the latest digital artworks supporting NFT technology, to more traditional mediums, this ever-evolving space will delight all. Working and collaborating with artists from around the world, GRIDX will be the place to enjoy, experience, buy and sell art in the physical and digital world.

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Food & Retail


Food corners

Food incubators

Modular spaces

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Working closely with “culinary artists” with the same shared values of local, organic, fair trade, and innovation, GRIDX will bring together culinary talent at all gastronomic levels in the form of gourmet restaurants, food court, modular spaces, and food incubators; giving imaginative young start-up's the opportunity to bring their products to a large and interested audience. The comprehensive culinary variety will create the go-to destination for foodies far and wide.

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Out of the Ordinary

In today's world, building trust, values and communities around brands is essential for success. It's no-longer just about the product, the product must represent the values of the consumer. Working closely with retailers and restaurateurs to create a unique offer in a unique location to display, educate, inform, and commercialise their exceptional products, brands create trust and build communities. Leveraging the centre's community and shared values to create transformative and positive brand perceptions for all.

Design Hotel

A Unique Place to Stay

Having a beautifully designed boutique hotel with 130+ rooms and extended-stay suites for every possible occasion. The hotel is fully integrated into the centre’s facilities, benefiting from easy access to local amenities and offering customers the comfort to make their stay an exceptional experience.

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Prime Location

With ± 1400m2 of modular events space, the centre will be able to accommodate large events such as concerts, award shows, auctions, gala dinners, congresses, and trade shows with ease. With a flexible space and working with event partners to build out any requirement and exceptional ideas, GRIDX will become the destination of choice for event organisers.


Parking Spaces

Electric vehicle charge points

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Business Center

Work, Rest and Play

Exceptional office space of over 10,000m2 of optimal working environment promotes interaction, collaboration and wellbeing between employees and organisations. Sharing ideas, making deals, friends or partnerships while sharing a coffee or having lunch will be a natural occurrence. What could be better?


A business centre integrating 14 modular meeting spaces with fully equipped conference rooms and a total capacity of 570 people, GRIDX will be the place to work, rest and play. With catering readily available, an extensive restaurant offer and bookable meeting spaces for your employees or guests, hosting product launches, conferences or workshops has never been easier.

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Environmental Responsibility

Reducing the impact on the environment in both the build phase and during the life of a building like GRIDX is fundamental to the idea, conception, and future. Félix Giorgetti mobilises all its know-how and experience into building a quality site that meets and exceeds the latest environmental construction standards.

Some Key Points in the Building Construction and Concept:


The building will have easy access to the future bicycle highway and tramway connecting Luxembourg's two largest cities.


For the building's metal structure, we chose a greener steel - XCarb, produced by ArcelorMittal with a reduced carbon footprint. Read more


A high amount of prefabricated elements have been used to reduce waste on the construction site and optimise the use of resources.


The design of the building was developed around compartmentalised zones, which allows us to optimise energy consumption. This can be done using sensors to activate/de-active zones according to usage.


The roof will be equipped with more than 4000m2 of electric and hot water solar panels and energy from the elevators will be recovered. These are just some of the ways the building is using technology to reduce its environmental impact.

Let’s talk

If you would like to know more, are interested in bringing your company, event, exhibition or ideas to GRIDX, feel free to contact us.

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